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Spinal orthoses are used in the treatment of many conditions that affects the vertebral column; yet, little is known about their effectiveness, mechanism of action, efficacy or psychological effect. Therefore, this area of research needs to be broaden to give clinicians a scientific-based insight into spinal orthoses.
PBL is a new technique in teaching. The effectiveness of integrating such technique within the curriculum of undergraduate health-school students is an area that needs to be explored.
X-ray dose that is used to diagnose many diseases has to be kept to as low as reasonably possible in order to reduce risks imposed on exposed patients. This rule is, however, not employed in most X-ray departments due to the lake of scientific-based guidelines. Providing these guidelines is therefore, of utmost importance.
Different designs of lower limb prostheses are currently available; however, little in known about their effectiveness and function. Clinicians decision-making as to what prosthesis to prescribe is thus contradicting and inconsistent. Research in this area is very important.
Studying the area of biomechanics gives an insight into how humans/patients life quality and independence can be improved.