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Rubric for Health Education's progect evaluation


University of Jordan

School of Nursing

Health Education and Promotion (Dr. Hamza Alduraidi)

Course Project


1.     Rubric for written project (10%)

Ø  Develop a teaching plan for the assigned topic and patient(s) scenario, including the following items:


·         Create at least one general goal                                                          (1%)

·         Create at least three specific objectives (complete and SMART)      (6%)

·         Create a teaching plan (refer to Chapter 10, page 338-343)               (2%)

·         Submit assignment on time (before 4 May 2017)                               (0.5%)

·         Use APA style for writing and citing your references                       (0.5%)


Total:                                                                                                               (10%)

2.     Rubric for Presentation (10%)

Ø  Create a PowePoint presentation to reflect your teaching plan using the video feature. The video should not exceed 15-minutes long, and it should elaborate the goal, objectives, methods, materials, and evaluation of the educational plan that you submitted for written project.


Ø  Presentation evaluation criteria:


I.                   For the group:

·         Content accuracy                                            (1%)

·         Sequencing of information                             (1%)

·         Effectiveness of the presentation                   (1%)

·         Use of audiovisual aid                                                (2%)


II.                For individual student:

·         Preparation of the content                              (2%)

·         Interactive presentation                                  (1%)

·         Time management                                           (1%)

·         Style of information delivery                          (1%)

Total:                                                                           (10%)




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