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This course is an introduction to psychology of child and adolescent. The course will cover topics in areas of physical, cognitive and socioemotional development, as well as development of the self, identity and relationships. This course will introduce some of basic theories and research methods in developmental psychology
third year
This course deals with the following issues: heredity and prenatal development, infancy: first adaptations, infant cognitive, social, and language development. Early childhood; cognitive social language and moral development. Middle and late childhood; cognitive, social, language and moral development
second year
This course is designed to provide student with necessary information concerning the teaching- learning process in the classroom, in order to help them to teach more effectively. The student will learn about main issues of educational psychology: Educational objectives, The learning process, Student’s characteristics, These issues will be taught in order that students will be able to utilize acquired knowledge in practical situations in the future.
second year
Methods of socialization . Development of gender idenlity , factors affecting it . Development of prosocial behaviors . Aggresion in children (causes and strategies of controlling) .play and it`s importance in the child development . peer – relationships, Moral development and methods of teaching children values . Development of self-concept and self-esteem (using practical ways to enhance postive self-esteem in children). Some socioemotional problems and strategies of coping with them.
third year
This course aims at developing the student’s basic concepts and skills in the construction, administration, scoring, and interpreting the results of psychological and educational test. The course includes the following topics: Basic concepts, test development and test, standardization and norms, grading systems, brief reviews of achievement, abilities, and personality, interests and attitudes measurement techniques in psychological areas.
first year
This course addresses research concepts and its various methodology , also it addresses research problem identification, hypotheses ,research questions variables, development of data collection tools , foundation data analysis and report writing.
fourth year