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Dr. Alladein Adawi


News: Islam in Australia ندوة عن الإسلام في أستراليا

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 Islam in Australia ندوة عن الإسلام في أستراليا

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An Australian Islamic Activist said that the number of Muslims in Australia currently stands at 0.5 million, comprising about 2% of the population. During a lecture at the University of Jordan, attended by the President of the Tafilah Technical University Dr. Shtaiwi al-Abdullah and its vice president Musa al-Lawzi, Australian Muslim Journalist Waleed Aly, said that contrary to what some believe Islam has a long history in Australia and did not just enter Australia 50 years ago. According to Aly, the first Muslims to reach northern Australia were Indonesian Muslims who went there to engage in fishing at least as early as 1650. After the WWII, groups of Indian and Pakistani Muslims as well as Muslims from Turkish, Lebanese and Albanian origins followed lead. The lecturer highlighted Australia’s freedom of religion, indicating that there are many mosques in Australia, adding that many Muslim communities attend the weekly Friday prayers. During his lecture, which was moderated by Dr. Ala’ al-Din Adaw, Aly said Australian Muslims come from different sects and have 70 different nationalities. He also touched upon the cultural harmony between Muslims and other Australians, who include the natives as well various international communities. The lecturer went on to answer the questions of the attendees and explained that Australians are against the banning of the hijab, or head scarf, since the Australian regime is liberal and their people enjoy more freedoms in comparison with European countries that ban the hijab for cultural considerations. Meeting with Aly at his office, Vice President for Scientific Faculties Azmi Mahaftha commended the efforts of Aly to clarify Islam’s image and message in western communities. On a related note, the guest visited Jordan University Radio Station, where he met its general manager Muhammad Wasif, who briefed him on its history and its role as an important media tool for serving the student as well as the local community. Moreover, “Dummet Ward” morning radio show hosted Aly, who talked about his visit to Jordan in order to shed light on the activities of the Muslim community in Australia. Aly is of Egyptian origin and was born in Australia in 1978. He hosts several shows on Australian television and radio stations and has published articles in newspapers and periodicals concerning Islam in Australia.

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