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Introduction to farm animals livestock sector in Jordan, breeds poultry, products of farm animals (meat, milk , eggs, wool), basic concepts in genetic improvement, reproductive and digestive systems, nutrients and their functions, husbandry of farm animals.
First Year
Factors affecting animal production in hot climate; effect of heat on feed requirements and reproduction; housing and facilities; rearing and management; suitable breeds and adaptation to hot climate; production of sheep, goat, cattle, camels, horses, and poultry in hot climates and product marketing.
Fourth Year
Effect of environmental factors on physiological processes in farm animals, heat regulation of the body, heat production and balance, heat loss, insulation, physiology of adaptation, measurements of heat stress.
Fourth Year
Training of students to collect information through literature on specific topic in the subject matter area, make oral presentation and discussion.
Fourth Year
Etiology, symptoms, post-mortem, treatment and methods of protection of bacterial, viral and fungal poultry disease, diseases caused by internal and external parasites, nutritional diseases
Third Year
Effects of environmental factors on farm animal production parameters: management, nutrition,reproduction, growth and animal products (milk, meat, eggs and wool); animal housing in relation to environmental factors.
Genetics and behavior; environment and behavior; development of behavior; involuntary movements and behavior; categories of behavior; hormones and behavior; examples of behavior for different animals: sexual behavior, social behavior, learning behavior, maternal behavior, aggressive behavior; adaptation; heat regulation and behavior; role of behavior in management of farm animals.