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G. Abandah and E. Davidson
25th Int'l Conf. on Parallel Architecture and Compilation Techniques (PACT'98)
Paris, FranceOct 1998Lecturer
pp. 30-39
G. Abandah and F. Jamour
in 10th Int'l Conf. on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA’10), pp. 977-982
Cairo, EgyptNov 29-Dec 1, 2010Lecturer
G. Abandah and E. Davidson
12th Ann. Int'l Symp. on High Performance Computing Systems and Applications (HPCS'98)
CanadaMay 1998Lecturer
pp. 267-282
G. Abandah and E. Davidson
12th Int'l Parallel Processing Symp. (IPPS'98)
Orlando, FloridaMarch 1998Lecturer
pp. 485-491
G. Abandah and E. Davidson
25th Ann. Int'l Symp. on Computer Architecture (ISCA'98)
Barcelona, SpainJune 1998Lecturer
pp. 318-329
M. Khedher and G. Abandah
Arabic Language Resources and Evaluation - Status and Prospects Workshop, Third Int'l Conf. on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2002)
Las Palmas, Canary Islands, SpainJune 1, 2002Others
A. Shaout, G. Abandah, M. Johnson, and S-Y. Chang
Mosharaka Int’l Conf. on Communications, Propagation and Electronics (MIC-CPE 2009)
Amman, JordanFeb 6-8, 2009Others
pp. 132-136
M. Khedher, G. Abandah, and A. Al-Khawaldeh
2nd World Enformatika Congress (WEC'05)
Istanbul, TurkeyFeb 25-27, 2005Others
pp. 81-84
G. Abandah, K. Younis, and M. Khedher
5th IASTED Int'l Conf. on Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, & Applications (SPPRA 2008)
Innsbruck, AustriaFeb 13-15, 2008Lecturer
pp. 128-133
T. Malas, S. Taifour, and G. Abandah
9th Int'l Middle Eastern Multiconference on Simulation and Modeling (MESM 2008)
Amman, JordanAug 26-28, 2008Others
pp. 50-54
K. Younis, B. Aldawood, G. Abandah, S. Alsisan, and J. Igual
10th IASTED Int'l Conf. on Signal and Image Processing (SIP 2008)
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USAAug 18-20, 2008Others
pp. 511-516
G. Abandah and E. Davidson
10th Int'l Parallel Processing Symp. (IPPS'96)
Honolulu, HawaiiApril 1996Lecturer
pp. 249-257
Mohammed Olama, Muhannad Aulama, Asem Natsheh, and G. Abandah
in Proc. 2011 SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing Multi-conference, Optical Pattern Recognition XXII, Vol. 8055.
Orlando, FloridaApr 28-29, 2011Others
G. Abandah
2011 IEEE Jordan Conference on Applied Electrical Engineering and Computing Technologies (AEECT)
Amman, Jordan2011Others
General Chair