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Basic information of microorganisms, their basic structure and mode of growth. Medical, pharmaceutical and environmental importance of some microorganisms. Basic principles of immunity and immunization. Anti-microbial chemotherapy: mode of action and prudent use.
Third Year
Application of microbiology in different field of pharmacy practice. Microbial resistance and policies used to control hospital acquired infections. Microbial quality control and its application in pharmaceutical industry. Application of microorganisms in fermentation and genetic engineering.
Fifth Year
This article on the study of quality control where he teaches the student how to deal with pharmaceutical samples and different methods of conventional and rapid multi-used in the detection of bacteria, fungi, and how to assess various sterilization processes. It contains material on the impact of the quality and design of packaging and seals on the effectiveness and stability of the pharmaceutical product with a focus on the impact on the effectiveness of preservatives and the growth of bacteria in pharmaceuticals. It also contains vital modern technologies and materials used in the manufacture of various microorganisms, such as insulin, antibiotics and vaccines. It also contains the genetic basis and biochemical changes that occur in the micro-organisms that cause resistance to these organisms for the various preservatives
Overviews basic biologic mechanisms of immune system. Emphasizes drug allergies, autoimmune conditions, transplantation, immunodeficiency, monoclonal antibodies, other immunology-derived agents in diagnosis/treatment of diseases. Encompasses structure and function of genes and chromosomes, genetic variation, the chromosomal basis of human diseases, disorders of metabolism, immunogenetics, cancer genetics, genetic diagnosis and treatment.
Second Year
Introduction to existing laws and regulations governing the practice and ethics of pharmacy
Fifth Year
Preparation of a research project in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology under supervision of faculty member. Presentation and oral discussion are required.
Third Year