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Financial Balances


This course includes : - Financial transactions: characteristics, types, sources. - Ownership: the truth, types, reasons for acquisition. - Contract in Islamic Jurisprudence: its definition, its rules, its types, its pillars (the contract, the shop, the formula). - Disadvantages of will: error, injustice, jealousy, fraud, coercion. - Options: Council, condition, defect, vision. - Raba: definition, rule, illness, types, origins. -Sharf: definition, rule, and conditions. - Selling in the Islamic jurisprudence: definition, Arkana, Cairo, sales of the Secretariat, sales interest, false sales, selling suspended and added, the sale of the detainee, sale of ribbons, sale of peace and Istisna. - Ijara: its rule, pillars, ribbons, types, extinction, and effects. - Aljala: definition, pillars, ribbons .

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