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Research Interests

1. Magnetism


The theme of this research is to predict the magnetic structure of different structures from first principles using the state-of-the art density functional theory to tackle the many-body problem in solving Schroedinger's equation for solids. One branch of this research is the magnetic and electronic properties of transition metal surfaces and interfaces. The exciting aspects of such low-dimensional systems are the discovery of unexpected magnetic behavior at surfaces and ultra-thin films such as the magnetocrystalline anisotropy. The interlayer exchange coupling is also investigated in superlattice structures composed of ferromagnetic materials mediated by non-magnetic spacers such as Con/Irm, Fen/Irm and Fen/Wm superlattices. In addition, the magnetic structure is investigated in Mn-based binary alloys of CuAu-I type structure that exhibit a change in the magnetic structure due to volume change such as MnPd that has an antiferromagnetic state, which changes to ferromagnetic for the CsCl-type structure. The fact that makes MnRh prospective as a giant magnetostrictive material.


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