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Final Exam Eng. Geology Engineering Students



The final exam will cover the following:

- Chapter 2: from P56 to Page71 (headings, subheadings and figures)

- Chapter 4 (second part of the manual): Maps up to 4.4)

- Slides lectures 1,2 and 3

- Slides: Dewatering and ground anchors

- Slides: Rock mechanics

- Slides: Geohazards

Maps as in the book and what was given in the lectures.

Questions will be multiple choices and one question will be a map. You will be given a map with contours, strike lines and outcrop, similar to those in the book and you will be asked to calculate true dip, true thickness and the depth from a given point. 

Note:Ch.4: engineering properties of rocks is not required. Also Ch.8 not required.




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