Previous Education:

-         B.Sc. Business Management. Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences, Jordan University. Amman-Jordam, (1970).

-     MPH. Health Services Management. American University of Beirut, Beirut-Lebanon, (1977).

-     Ph.D. Management & Health Policy,   Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. 1989.



-         Passenger Service Dept, ALIA, the Royal Jordanian, Airlines/1970-1973.

-         Accounting and medical records officer, Directorate of Royal medical Services of Jordan, Amman, Jordan. (1973-1974).

-         Student, School of Public Health Management, American University of Beirut, (1975-1977).

-          Public Relations Director, King Hussien Medical Center, (1977-1979).

-         Researcher, Department of Research and Development, Directorate Royal Medical Services of Jordan, Amman-Jordan. (1979-1980).

-         Researcher/ Trainer/ consultant. Arab Organization of Administrative Sciences, P.O. Box 17159, Amman-Jordan, (March 1981-Oct.1985).

-         Lecturer, (part-Time).Jordan University, Amman-Jordan, (Feb.1984-Oct.1985).

-          Lecturer, (Part-Time). Health Services Management Program. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Jordan University, Amman-Jordan. (Feb-1985-Aug.1986).

-         Doctoral Student, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. (1986-1989).

-         Assistant Professor, Health Services Management Program. HSMP, Jordan University (1989-1996).

-         Coordinator, HSMP, (1992-1996).

-         Associate Professor, Dept. of Business Management, Jordan University (1996-2005).

-         Chairman, Business Adm. Dept, Al-Ahliah, Amman University. 2000-2001.

-         Professor and Chairman, Department of Business, School of Business, Jordan University, (2005_2007).

-Professor, Dept. of Business, School of Business, Jordan University. (2007- Now).

Training Activities:

-         Participation in Seminar on Training in Hospital Adm. Organized by AOAS and IIPA, 20-30, April, 1981. (Held in Paris- France).

-         Participation in Seminar on training of Hospital Managers in Sudan, Organized by Sudan Academy of Adm. Sciences, 1982.

-         Designing and executing a Hospital Adm. Program held in Somalia, 1982, and sponsored by AOAS.

-          Designing and executing a training program for Hospital Administrators in Somalia, 1984.

-         Designing and coordinating a seminar on Training of Hospital Administrators. Held in Kuwait, 1983. And sponsored by AOAS.

-         Planning and Executing several training programs and workshops in Management skills covering several topics such as: Problem solving and Decision Making, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Recruitment and selection of employees; Wage structure and design; performance evaluation, Managerial skills, at the University of Jordan (1989-1997).

-          Planning and executing a training program in Health Administration for Yemeni trainers (TOT) sponsored by USAID/ through.AMIDEAST/Yemen. (Center for Consultancy and Technical Studies, Jordan, University July10-Nov.15, 1999).