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About Me

 (+962 777503939)
Professional Summary
Urological Surgeon with 14years’ experience
Extensive Experience in general urology,Uro-oncology, stone disease, neurogenic bladder, incontinence, Kidney, bladder, prostate,external genitaland urogynecologial surgery, complex urological cases, open and laparoscopic surgeries. Wide experience in teaching and training of medical students and urology residents.
Work History
·         Assistant Professor, Consultant Urologist, Head of the urology department 03/2006- Date
Faculty of Medicine-The University of Jordan, Jordan University Hospital, Amman-Jordan.
·         Urology Fellow, 01/2005-02/2006
Wollongong Hospital and Figtree Hospital-Wollongong –NSW-Australia
·         Urology Fellow, 01/2001-01/2005
Royal North Shore Hospital, North Shore Private Hospital,Mater Hospital, Sydney Adventist Hospital, Saint Vincent Hospital, Manly Hospital and Mona Vale Hospital-Sydney Australia
·         Teaching and Research Assistant, 01/2000-12-2000
Jordan University Hospital- Jordan University Hospital, Amman-Jordan
·         Resident Doctor-academic urology residency program, 07/1994-1999
Department of Urology, Jordan University Hospital- Jordan University Hospital, Amman-Jordan
·         Intern, 08/1992-08/1993
Al-Bashir Hospital, Amman-Jordan
·         Uro-oncology fellow at Princess Margaret Hospital and university Health Network,Toronto-Canada.july,2012-august,2013
·         South Eastern Sydney Illawara Area Health Service-Wollongong Hospital, NSW-Australia:
Fellowship in urology and laparoscopic urology   January,2005-February,2006.
·         Northern Health Area, Royal North Shore Hospital-Sydney Australia, January, 2001-January-2005  :Fellowship in urology and laparoscopic urology  
·         Academic  Residency program-M.D: Higher specialization in urology, Jul, 1994-Jul-1999
Faculty of Medicine-The University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan
·         M.D Medicine, 1992
Crimea State Medical College
·         Higher school Diploma: 1985
·         Certificate of fellowship in urology and laparoscopic urology Issued by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons
·         A certificate to practice urology (Specialist in urology) - Jordan Medical Council
·         Higher Specialization in Urology Surgery-The University of Jordan
·         License to practice the profession of medicine-ministry of Health –Jordan
·         M.D medicine
·         Full member of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand
·         Active Member of the European Association of Urology
·         Full member of the Arab Association Of Urology
·         Full member of Jordanian Association of Urological Surgeons
·         Full member of the American urological association
·         Member of the Urology Board Exam-Jordan
·         Member of the Arab Board Exam
·         Head of the Scientific Committee at Jordanian Association of Urological Surgeons
·         Member of the Jordanian drug federation
·         Accepted paper for publication on may issue 2015 by the title (MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING DETECTED PROSTATE EVASIVE ANTERIOR TUMORS: FURTHER INSIGHTS)in the CUAJ.
·         5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitors in Patients on Active Suveillance:Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risk.CurrUrol Rep (2013)14:223-226.published on line:12 April 2013,Springer Science Business media New York 2013
·         Effect of dexmedetomidine added to spinal bupivacaine for urological procedures. Saudi med j 2009.vol 30(3)
·         Osteonecrosis of jaws related to intravenous bisphosphonates: the experience of a Jordanian teaching hospital. Ann R CollEngl 2010; 92:489-494
·         Foreign body of the urinary bladder.Dirasat, medical and biological science , volume 26,no,1&2
·         Preemptive ilioinguinal-iliohypogastric Nerve Block. Versus Morphine for unilateral varicocelectomy Jordan medical journal 2008; vol.42 (2):87-93
·         Laparoscopic assisted percutaneousnephrolithotomy for renal pelvis stone in a crossed fused ectopickidney: A case report.Jordan medical journal, volume (47),number (2),June 2013
·         Prostatic Cyst ,a case report accepted published in “Jordan medical journal” in march 2014.
·         Working on projects with princess Margaret Hospital University Health Network Toronto –Canada.
·         Presented a paper at the 2013 Canadian urological association annual meeting in Niagara Falls (Association of Male pattern Baldness and Risk of Cancer and High Grade Disease among Men presenting for Prostate biopsy).
·         Presented a paper at the 2013 Robson scientific Day 2013 in Toronto (Prostate Evasive Anterior TumourSyndrom, FurtherInsights).
·         Presented a paper at the EAU 2014(MPB), best poster.
·         Presented a paper at the AUA 2014 (PEATS)
·         Ongoing research on patient with chronic prostatitis: new method of treatment using extracorporeal shock wave treatment.
·         Ongoing research on patients with neurogenic bladder: Intradetrusor injection using Botox .
·         Ongoing research with Princess Margaret Hospital on patients with MPB and prostate cancer.
·         Hosted workshop on green laser for prostate October 2014 at Jordan university Hospital
·         Head of the scientific committee at the Arab and Jordanian conference of urology in 2010 amman-Jordan.
·         Presented several lecture at several occasions for the Jordanian Association of Urological Surgeons.
Conferences and courses:
The 2nd Jordanian Congress, October 1999.Amman-Jordan
Radiation Protection course in X-Ray Fluoroscopy for medical specialists, Feb 2002, Sydney-Australia.
Anatomy Workshop for Monarcsubfacial hammock, Sep, 2004.University of NSW, Sydney-Australia.
 New South Wales section  conference 2002.Sydney_Australia.
Urological society of Australasia conference, 2003, Queenstown-New Zealand.
New South Walls section meeting, October 2006.Norfolk Island.
Participation and training in research: Middle East clinical research association (MECRA) 2008
Workshop on: Organized structured clinical examination, December 2006.Amman-Jordan.
Surgical Master Class for PCNL procedure. May, 2007.Academic Medical Center-Amsterdam.
European Association of urology conference .March, 2007.Berlin-Germany.
The international society conference.september, 2007.Paris-France.
Educational course: mixed urinary incontinence in women-october, 2008.internationalcontinence society meeting.Cairo-Eygept.
European Association of urology conference.march, 2008.Milan, Italy.
International Continence Society 38th Annual meeting.October, 2008.Cairo-Eygept.
Surgical Master Class for the PCNL and flexible ureteroscopy procedures. October, 2008.Malmo University Hospital-Sweden.
Pelvic floor reconstruction course. July 2008.Vancouvoure,Canada.
Educational course (CME).2009 Zenith meeting.Seville-Spain.
The second conference for faculty of medicine.April, 2009.Amman-Jordan
Canadian urological association annual meeting. June 2009,Toronto-canada.
International congress of the Jordanian Association of Urological Surgeons.October, 2009.Amman-Jordan.
BLS course .october, 2009.Amman-Jordan.
European Association of urology conference.march, 2009.Stockholm-Sweden.
European Association of urology conference. April 2010.Barcelona-Spain.
Canadian urological association annual meeting.June ,2010.Charlotte town-canada.
The European society for paediatric urology conference.may ,2010.Turkey.
Master class in stone management in urology.October, 2010.Amsterdam.
Educational course 2010 Zenith meeting.January, 2010.Veinna-Austria.
The ninth conference of the Arab association of urology and the seventh international conference of the Jordanian association of urological surgeons.November 2011.Amman-Jordan.
European Association of urology conference.march,2011.Veinna-Austria.
Attachment and refreshment at Dalhousie hospital. July 2011. Halifax-Canada
The 3rd international symposium on hormonal treatment of prostate cancer.october,2011.Cannes-France.
European Association of urology conference.february,2012.Paris-France.
Lebanese society of medical oncology meeting.april, 2012.lebanon.
Participating in the meeting “moving forward in urology” male LUTS.january, 2012.Amman –Jordan.
Staff development workshops.january 2012.Amman-Jordan.
Canadian urological association congress-Banf,Canada June 2012
Robson scientific day may-2013.Toronto-Canada.
CUA annual meeting.June 2013.Niagara Falls-Canada.
Presenting two papers at the CUA congress ( PEATS,and MPB) Niagara Falls-Canada.
International congress of the Jordanian Association of Urological Surgeons.October, 2013.Amman-Jordan.
PCNL and Flexible ureteroscopy workshop at AMC Holand.2014
Attended the EAU conference April 2014,Stockholm .
Presented a paper at the EAU meeting and received a prize of best paper-april 2014
Green laser workshop Istanbul,2014.
Prostate cancer debate work shop(Vienna)February  2015