This course defines the public employee; the conditions of appointment in the public employment; the nature of his relationship with the State; the methods of nominating the public employee; and identifying the situations that the public employee goes through during his career, such as the probation period, assignment, secondment, transfer, promotion, retirement ...etc., beside clarifying: rules of replacement; representation and delegation; evaluating the performance, rights, and duties of the public employee; and understanding the exclusive disciplinary penalties and guarantees, and the reasons for the termination of the public employee's service.
The purpose of this course is to acquaint the student with the French legal terminology, and this is achieved through the study of the theory of obligations and theory of right. It also deals with the branches of public law and private law, sources of Jordanian law.
This course includes the definition of the administrative law and its definition, characteristics and sources from which the administrative base derives and the relationship of this law with other branches of law, as well as the study of what is the moral personality because of the nature and form of the administrative apparatus and methods of central and decentralized management, and the role of these bodies in the organization of administrative activity issues And the means of management in achieving its objectives, and research in public money definition and means of protection. The course also deals with the study of the civil service, administrative decisions and administrative contracts.
This course includes the study of the principle of legality and the exceptions contained therein, in addition to the control of the administrative judiciary on the work of the public administration. It also deals with the study of the jurisdiction of the Administrative Court after discussing the method of its formation, the reasons for the appeal accepted before the administrative judiciary, how to prepare a cancellation lawsuit, the method of filing it and the legal conditions required for the validity of the case.