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This course includes the relationship between sport and physical fitness and health. This course gives special focus for the importance of exercise and sport in improving health and preventing chronic diseases. This course covers the adaptations which results from performing exercises frequently. This course introduces students to the right way of doing and performing exercises. This course covers the principles of nutrition and food elements, controlling body weight and preventing obesity. This course covers the concept of sport injury, first aid for sport injury and preventing these injuries. Finally, this course covers the advantages of having the good/normal posture and side effects of having scoliosis and flatfoot for example.
2011 - now
This module includes the concept and the importance of statistics in kinesiology and its use in sport sciences field.  This module includes some statistical concepts for instance study population, study sample, hypothesis, independent and dependent variables, how samples are chosen. This module includes organizing and displaying data, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, correlation, independent and dependent t-test, percentile, percentile rank and its applications in sport sciences field. Finally, using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) to organize, display and analyze data.
2011 - now
This module includes the knowledge and information about all kind of disabilities and chronic diseases, the causes of these disabilities and chronic diseases and how it can be prevented. This module includes the concept and the aims of adapted physical education. This module will cover the medical and educational classification of each disability. This module also covers the management of inclusion and how can programmes be adapted to suit the needs of individuals with disabilities. Finally, this module will cover the Paralympics games and its history
2011 - now