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Dr. Hanan Sa'adeh


Announcements: "PHYSICS MATTERS" On-line Colloquia Series organized by APS


"PHYSICS MATTERS" On-line Colloquia Series organized by APS


The American Physical Society (APS) has recently announced the “PHYSICS MATTERS on-line colloquia series”. The main goal of these on-line colloquia is to support international engagement for APS among students and early career physicists, targeting developing country audiences, especially in a time when, due to the COVID pandemic, travel is difficult or even impossible.


The first phase of the “PHYSICS MATTERS series” is planned to start on Monday 23 November 2020 till the rest of this year, with weekly recorded video colloquia.


All talks are designed to be accessible to a broad scientific audience. The speakers will talk in a way that stimulates curiosity and creates a flow of ideas that is both educational and interesting to a broad community. Questions for the speakers can be emailed right after the presentation. Each recorded talk has a full day or two where it is available so that time zone differences are not a limiting factor.


The schedule of the colloquia series is attached.

More details and updates can be found on this link:​




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