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Dr. Hanan Sa'adeh


News: UJ Physics and Engineering Students Visit SESAME

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UJ Physics and Engineering Students Visit SESAME

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​Fourteen students, physicists and engineers, at The University of Jordan accompanied by Dr. Hanan Sa'adeh visited the multidisciplinary research center SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East) in Allan, Salt, Jordan, on August 30, 2018.

The UJ group was welcomed by the Scientific Director of SESAME, Dr. Giorgio Paolucci, who delivered a comprehensive lecture about SESAME as an opportunity for science in the Middle East. In a 2-hour lecture Paolucci presented SESAME construction stages, operational beamlines, devices and machines, obstacles, and future plans. He explained deeply how the synchrotron-radiation is being produced by accelerating electrons. He also guided the group in the facility, specifically to the XRF/XAFS beamline, to learn more about using synchrotron-light in various scientific applications in medicine, studies of biological systems, environment and energy, material sciences, etc.

In the control room Dr. Maher Attal, Accelerator Physicist and Machine Coordinator at SESAME, introduced the students to the main feature of synchrotron radiation produced at SESAME, the current situation of the machine, and the future prospects.

The main theme of this visit was to give the UJ students the opportunity to have a closer look at SESAME, the first facility of its kind in the region, which was officially opened on 16 May 2017 under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II. SESAME provides excellent opportunities for researchers and students to carry out their own research or to get trained in scientific fields related to SESAME. Recently, a graduate student in UJ's Department of Physics, Dana Abdullah, nominated by Dr. Hanan Sa'adeh, spent about 2 months of training at SESAME, supervised by Dr. Maher Attal.

More information about SESAME can be found on SESAME's website.

To be part of SESAME's Users, register yourself at SESAME User Portal (SUP).


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