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Abdulazim Salhab and Hussein Masoud
Amer Magid ImraishMicrobiologyM.Sc.2009Yes
Hussein Masoud and Basem Jaber
Nareman Fawwaz AbubakerMicrobiologyM.Sc.2008Dirasat, Pure Science, 35: 110-122. In addition, other papers in preparationYes
Malik Haddadin and Hussein Masoud
Rashida BenguiarMicrobiologyM.Sc.2008Yes
Hussein Masoud and Hamed Khlaif
Luma SHoumaliMicrobiologyM.Sc.2004Diagnostic Microbiol. Infect. Dis. 58:393-398.Yes
Hussein Masoud
Munir Al-ZeerMicrobiologyM.Sc.2004World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 23:1541-1549.Yes
Asem Shehabi and Hussein Masoud
Fuad A Balkam MaslamaniMicrobiologyM.Sc.2004J. Chemother. 17: 179-183.Yes
Hussein Masoud and Asem Shehabi
Riham Karam OdehMicrobiologyM.Sc.2002No