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Dr. Emad Al-Karablieh, Co-Supervisor Prof. Lars Ribbe
Khair,AbeerIntegrated Water Resource ManagementMSc.2010NoNo
Dr. Emad Al-Karablieh, Co-Supervisor Dr. Amer Jabarin
Bara’a Ali Yousef Al-KatibAgricultural EconomicsMSc.2010NoNo
Dr. Emad Al–Karablieh, Co – supervisor Prof. Dr. Amer  Salman
Faten O. AL – NajjarWater EconomicsM.Sc.  Library index 333.912209565 N1622009Yes, Jordan Journal of Agricultural Sciences Yes
Dr. Emad Al-Karablieh
Tamara AttiaitAgricultural EconomicsM.Sc.2005No
Dr. Emad Al-Karablieh
Tareq SalamehAgricultural EconomicsM. Sc.2004NoNo
Dr. Emad Al-Karablieh
Amlaco Asres  Agricultural EconomicsM.Sc.2002Library index 333.73160963 A843
Prof. Mohmoud Ali Salem
Emad K. Al-KarabliehAgricultural EconomicsM.Sc.1989noLibrary index 331.2043095653 K18 , Code JUF0382637No