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Strength of Materials


Introduction/Review of important principles of Statics. Concepts of normal and shear stress. Concepts of normal and shear strain. Mechanical properties of materials: tension and compression test, stress-strain behaviour, Hooke’s Law, and Poisson’s Ratio. Axially loaded members: Saint-Venant’s principle, elastic deformation, principle of superposition, statically indeterminate axially loaded members, thermal stress, and stress concentrations. Torsion: torsional deformation of shafts, the torsion formula, angle of twist, statically indeterminate torque-loaded members, and stress concentrations. Bending: shear and moment equations and diagrams, bending deformations, the flexure formula, composite beams, reinforced concrete beams, stress concentrations, and inelastic bending. Transverse shear: the shear formula, shear stresses in beams, shear flow in built up members, and shear center for open cross sections. Combined loadings: state of stress caused by combined loadings. Stress transformation: plane stress transformation, general equations, principal stresses and in-plane shear stress, and Mohr’s Circle for plane stress. Critical buckling loads of columns: critical load, and ideal column with pin supports, and columns having various types of support.

Academic Year

Second Year


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