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The course will last one academic year. The course will be on full time basis extending for three terms. It will consist of discussion classes, tutorials, and practicals,with special reference to the development of skills related to conducting original investigations, the analysis of data and preparation of papers containing original observations. Students will be required to present at least one comprehensive review paper per term. Students will be required to undertake extensive guided reading.
1st and 2nd years
This course focuses on the main physiological principles and laws needed to understand different topics in physiology later on. Negative and positive feedbacks in relation to homeostasis are discussed. Therefore, this course tackles units, body fluid compartments, osmotic pressure & osmolarity, transport mechanisms, different types of action potentials, microcirculations, signal transduction and neurotransmitters, ANS and receptor physiology. Briefly, this course makes it easier for medical students to understand the physiology of different body systems in the next two years. The course does not survey the anatomy and physiology of any of our body organs and systems.