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The 2nd congress of the Jordan Association of Surgeons, the 2nd Gastrointestinal and liver congress of the Jordanian Society of Gastroenterology. The 2nd Jordanian German Medical congress,
The 2nd Annual congress of the Jordanian Society of Gastroenterology,
  Jordan- Amman 30/08/1995--------
The Syrian Society of Gastroenterology, the fifteenth Annual Congress-Hims
The Syrian Society of Gastro-enterology. The ninth Annual congress, Hims
The First Qatar Sports Medicine Conference
Qatar-Doha 27/11/1996--------
The Jordanian Society of Surgeons The Twentieth Annual Scientific Congress
The twenty sixth Arab medical congress and the seventh Jordanian medical congress
Jordan 23/05/1990--------
International Symposium on Emergency Trauma Care
Doha-Qatar 18/02/1997--------
The First International Conference of the Faculty of Medicine and the Third International Conference of the German-Arab Medical Association University of Jordan
Summer course a collaborative activity expanding horizons in problem based learning in Medicine 16-27 June 2003. Maastricht university/Faculty of medicine/
First Qatar International Pediatric Conference Hamad Medical Corporation
Doha-Qatar 15/12/1997--------
Lasers in science and technology
Jordan 14/10/1989مشارك
The Egyptian Anatomical Society, the twentieth Annual Scientific Conference
The Egyptian Anatomical society. The nineteenth Annual Scientific Conference Faculty of Medicine-Al-Azhar university
International Conference on Endocrinology
Qatar-Doha 12/04/1996--------
The second scientific conference of the faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
Jordan 12/04/1988--------
The 2nd international Jordanian symposium on communication Disorders
The 2nd Jordanian-Iraqi congress, the 14th annual scientific day of the faculty of medicine-Jordan university of science & technology
The Jordanian Society of Gastroenterology the First Annual Congress
International seminar or human Genome Diversity in Islamic countries
First international Jordanian symposium on communication disorders
Jordan 07/05/1990مشارك
The Egyptian Anatomical Society. The Seventeenth Annual Scientific Conference
The first national conference on medical education
Recent Advances in laboratory Medicine & Pathology
Doha-Qatar 05/04/1997--------
The Supreme council of science holds the (40th science week)
The supreme council of sciences holds the (41th science week). Conference of Biotechnology at the auditaria of damascus university & Alassad university hospital
The Scientific day of the Medical School 15/4/1992