Professor Hourani was born in Karak in 1956. he recieved his school education in karak schools and joined the University of Jordan 1n 1973 where he achieved his B.Sc. in chemistry in 1977. He went back to Karak and tought chemistry in Karak High School his own mother school. In 1981, he re-joined the graduate school at the University of Jordan where he got the MS degree in chemistry 1n 1984. Graduation cermony for the 1984 was so special for professor Hourani and to him it is unforgettable life-time experience. he was the first in his class. The first in their classes were honoured to go to the Royal Palace and to receive a Royal Award from the late King Hussain, may God shed the mercy on his soul.

In 1984, immediately after his graduation the department of chemistry at the university of Jordan employed him as a lecturer then a teaching assistant for one year and the Chemistry Council honoured him to send him abroad to study analytical chemistry. In 1985, Professor Hourani joined the School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In the same year, he joined Professor Andrzej Weickowski group and had a chance to be taught by gaiant professors like Professor Lary faulkner (The presdent of University of Texas at Austin now), Professor Paul Bohn, Professor Alexander Scheeline, and Professor Timothy Neeman who passed away in 1997 after a long stuggle with illness.

The years at Illinois are not forgottable where he deeply know the difference between real science and playingg with science. He, indeed, know the difference between real science and hypocracy and the real difference between the true scientists and others who pretend that they are scientists. Professor Hourani, after more than 20 years of leaving The university of Illinois, still remembers that Professor Larry Faulkner didicated one of his papers to one of his colleaques who passed away, he wrote " ...... al what you seek in a scientist can be found in a scientist".

Professor Hourani graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-champaighn in 1989 and returned back to the University of Jordan. Since that time, he left the unversity of Jordan for four years only where he spent his first sabbatical leave at the Hashimite University (1996-1997). The other leave from the University of Jordan was from 2003-2006 when he was appointed as the vice-president at Al-Balqa Applied University. In 2006, after three months from his return to the university of Jordan, Professor Abdel raheem Al-Hunaiti, the President of the Univerity of Jordan selected him to be his vice-president for Adminstrative Affairs and the decree was issued from the Higher Education Council. Professor Hourani was very pleased with the new job. Professor Al-Hunaiti was a very inspiring person and he set for all the persons who share him the burden of responsibility an example of transperancy, modesty, and dedication to the mother university.

In 2007, the adminstation at the University of Jordan was changed for no transparent reasons. Professor Hourani, went back with great happiness to his lab and his students. Adminstration for him was an experience from which he knows the value of being a free university professor. he comments on this by saying " i was part of the adminstration so i knew the University system from the top to the bottom" and he adds " my advice for all uiniversity professor to stick to science and scientific values, this is much better , indeed".