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Undergraduate coursesThis course deals recent approaches to science teaching and in particular Earth and environmental sciences; e.g. how to teach using critical thinking, scientific reasoning and discussions with the class room rather than narrative teaching. How to use illustrations: fossils, rock and mineral specimens, maps, compass, …etc. Encouraging the teacher to conduct field trips and to get his samples from the local environment nearby his school. How to evaluate the students through teaching them the various types of examination questions. Working in groups and its importance, how to conduct an experiment and write its report, how to write report in general, present and discuss it, student file for their activities throughout the year.
1st year level
Undergraduate coursesPrecipitation: spatial and temporal distribution, measurements, equipment; evaporation: measurement and distribution; surface runoff: base and flood flows, hydrographs, discharge measurements, guage stations; groundwater: infiltration, formation, movement; permeability and porosity, groundwater wells, well hydraulics; water chemistry; water in Jordan; three hours lab each week is required.
3rd year level
The atmosphere; the terrestrial environment; material cycles; chemistry of continental waters; the major and minor ions chemistry of the oceans; global climate change and the various cycles: Carbon , sulphur, nitrogen, and phosphorous; chlorofluorocarbons and stratospheric ozone and SMOG formation; soil: geochemistry, reactions, and pollutants. Department : Geology
4th year level
Graduate coursesIntroduction, chemical thermodynamics, solubility and oxidation-reduction equilibria, process kinetics, surface and colloidal system chemistry, applications on purification and treatment of water and wastewater; coagulation, precipitation, ion exchange and adsorption, pollution and remediation measures of the environment, utilization of the water-rock/soil interaction and geochemical modeling in the field of environmental impact assessment.
Graduate coursesGroundwater aquifers systems, characteristics, movement, aquifers recharge, discharge and contamination processes, groundwater and urbanization, karst hydrogeology, and human activities, impacts, consequences and implications, artificial groundwater recharge and water harvesting principles, problems and development, mapping groundwater vulnerability, hydrogeology of mineral and thermal waters, salt water intrusion, management of hazardous waste and groundwater protection zones.
Graduate courses
Graduate courses