Principles of Statistics (MATH 131)

Summer  Semester 2018-2019

Course Description: This course is aimed at providing students with the basic methods and techniques of statistics and its applications. A variety of examples and exercises will be used to illustrate these techniques.

Textbook: Principles of Statistics, 4th Edition, M. Raqab, A. Awad and M. Azzam, 2016, Academic for Publishing and Distributing Co (RAA).


(1) Statistics: Principles and Methods, 3rd Edition, R. A. Johnson  and G. K. Bhattacharyya, 1996.

(2) Statistical Concepts and Methods, G. K. Bhattacharyya and R. A. Johnson, 1977.


Course Outline (tentative):

1-Descriptive Statistics (RAA, Ch. 1): Distribution tables, histograms, distribution curves, measures of centrality and variability for raw and for grouped data, percentiles, coding data, empirical rule, Chebychev's inequality (3 weeks).


2-Elements of Probability (RAA, Ch. 2): Sample space and events, basic laws of probability, rules of counting; conditional probability, Bayes' Theorem (2 weeks).      

3-Random Variables and Distributions (RAA, Ch. 3): Random variables, probability distribution, expectations and its properties, variances, bivariate random variables, covariances, binomial, hypergeometric, geometric, and Poisson distributions (2 weeks). 

4-Normal Distribution (RAA, Ch. 4): Normal distribution, normal approximation to binomial distribution, distribution of the sample mean (1 week).


5-Sampling Distribution (RAA, Ch. 5): Sampling distribution of sample mean, Student t-distribution, sampling distribution of sample variance and proportion, the distribution of the difference between two sample means and sample proportions, the distribution of the ratio of two sample variances (1 week).         

6-Statistical Inferences (Single Population)(RAA, Ch. 6 & 7): Null and alternative hypotheses, estimation and testing for mean, proportion, variance in a one-population, determination of sample sizes for estimating the mean and proportion (3 weeks).


6- Statistical Inferences (Two Populations)(RAA, Ch. 8): Estimation and testing for the difference in  means, proportions, ratio of variances, pair comparisons (2 weeks).


Grading: The exams will count toward the course grade as follows.

            First Exam:         30%

           Second Exam:     30%

            Final Exam:        40%

Lecture Notes

Home Work Sets
Statistical Tables


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