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Hakooz, N., and Hamdan, I.
the 9th European ISSX Meeting
Manchester, UK4-7 June 2006Lecturer
Hakooz, N., and Houston, J. B.
The 6th  Stowe Symposium on Drug Metabolism
Grantham, UK4-7 July 1996Others
 Hakooz, N., Arafat, T., Payne, D., Ollier, W., Andrews, J., and Newman, W.
the 11th European ISSX Meeting
Lisbon, Portugal  17-20 May 2009Others
Hakooz, N., Zalloum, I., and Arafat, T.
3rd Kuwait International Pharmacy Conference
Kuwait University,Kuwait14-16 February 2011Lecturer
Wazaify, M., Albsoul-Younes, A., and Hakooz, N.
The 11th Pharmaceutical Conference of the Jordan Pharmaceutical Association
Amman-Jordan11 April 2006Lecturer