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Graduation projects


This is a list of the graduate and postgraduate projects proposed for the next semester. You can contact me by e-mail for a detailed discription containing the skills required and the objectives to be achieved. If you have a differnent topic you are willing to work on, I would be happy to discuss it with you.

Graduation projects:
- Smartphone application that can assist in patient's health monitoring
- Simulating human behaviour in detecting 3D objects in applications of automated vehicle control
- Real-time object tracking in outdoor environments
- Automated lecture room allocation system
- Road traffic congestion control
- Access control and attendance recording
- Job scheduler and management system
- Searching using images
- Social media
- Virtual masjid

Postgraduate projects:

- Stereo vision of traffic scenes
- Virtual sensing of texture from picture
- Detection of unusual crowd behaviour activities
- Localisation and enhancing liver view in PET images




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