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Samira al-Khawaldeh
• Conference on Woman in Islam
Germany-BerlinNovember 13, 1998Lecturer
• A Conference on Islam and Contemporary Issues
Jordan-AmmanMarch 19, 2002Participant
Samira al-Khawaldeh
Power to Connect in a Changing World: International Conference on Language, Literature and Translation
JordanApril 2014Lecturer
Remembering Jerusalem: Imagination, Memory, and the City
England6-7 November 2014Participant
Dr. Samira al-Khawaldeh
Shakespeare's Imagined Orient
Lebanon-The American University of Beirut4-6/May 2011Lecturer
• The Association of Professors of English and Translation at Arab Universities 2nd Conference
Samira al-Khawaldeh
18th International Conference on English Language and Literature
Dr. Samira al-Khawaldeh
The Jurisdiction of Belonging to Society and the Nation
Samira al-Khawaldeh
The Lady Does Protest
England21-23 June 2013Lecturer
Dr.Samira Khawaldeh
International Women's Forum Conference
• 2nd Scientific Conference on the Education of the Talented
“Remembering Jerusalem: Imagination, Memory and the City”, King’s College London, UK, 2014