Director of Energy Center at the University of Jordan. An associate professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan. A Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Fluid Mechanics, Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen-Germany in April 2001. M.Sc and B.Sc degrees with honor from Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Jordan. Having special interest in Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence Flow, Two-Phase Flow, MEMS, Micropumps, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy such as Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Biomass. Also, Dr. Al-Salaymeh has a good research in the area of Thermal flow Sensors (Patent registered in Germany), Flow-Measurement Techniques such as Hot-Wire Anemometer (HWA) and Laser-Doppler Anemometer (LDA), and Turbulence Phenomena. Having many papers in the international Journals and an active in participating in many scientific conferences. Currently, Dr. Al-Salaymeh is an assessor for Jordan Accreditation System (JAS). During the summers of 2002-2009, Dr. Al-Salaymeh was invited by the Institute of Fluid Mechanics, Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, the Institute of Fluid Mechanics, Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg, Germany, Institute for Microtechnology, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, Institute for Aerodynamic und Gasdynamic, University of Stuttgart, where scientific research in fluid mechanics and instrumentation was conducted. Currently, Dr. Al-Salaymeh is very active in the field of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Water management. He participated in many national and international workshops in the field of the Solar Energy, Photovoltaic, Biomass and Bio fuel in addition to the water management.

Dr. Al-Salaymeh is a guest editort for Energy Conversion and Managemt Journal. He is also a reviewers for many international Journals. Dr. Al-Salaymeh organized and participated in many workshops, seminars and conferences. In April 2009, Dr. Al-Salaymeh organized the Global Conference for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Desert Regions GCREEDER 2009. Dr. Al-Salaymeh was the chairman of the organizing committee. Also, Dr. Al-Salaymeh was the chirman of the organizing committee for the first German-Jordanian Winter Academy in the field of Combustion and Fluid Mechanics which was held in Amman-Jordan in Febraury 2006. He was also the chairman of the organizing committee in the first German-Jordanian Workshop on Combustion and Oil Shale which was held in Amman at February 2008. Dr. Al-Salaymeh was also the chairman of the second German-Jordanian Workshop on Energy and Alternative Fuel which was held in Amman at October 2009. He organized also many activites in the field of Energy, Renewable Energy and Green building. Recently, Dr. Al-Salaymeh organized Greening Prospects workshop in July 2009. He organized also an internation workshop in the field of utilizing the Renewable Energy Technolgy in Architectural Design during November 2009.

Dr. Al-Salaymeh is also an expert in the Field of Energy Regulation. He taught Energy Regulation course under the frame of the master program of Regulation and Competition in cooperation with the college of Europe. Dr. Al-Salaymeh attended many courses and training sessions in the field of Energy Regulation.

In 2009, Dr. Al-Salaymeh participated in many  conferences and workshops in the field of renewable energy such as: the 12th German-Arab Business Forum (Renewable Energy Sector) in Berlin during June 2009. Also, he participated in the workshop: Solar Cooling Technology in the Mashriq-Region-Technical which was held in Damascus during July 2009. He participated in the workhop: Energy Efficiency: Strategic Agenda for Government and Inducting Aspects and Feasibility in the Region which was held in Amman during November 2009. Dr. Al-Salaymeh visited Itlay in October 2009 and participated in Workshop which entitles Alternative Response Actions to Climate Change and Energy Options. In January 2009, Dr. Al-Salaymeh attended an intensive training course in Berlin, Germany entitles: Solar Geothermal, Renewables Academy AG (RENAC). During August and September of 2009, Dr. Al-Salaymeh was one member of the official Jordanian delegates who visited the Energy power plants in South Korea for a period of 3 weeks. He attended in South Korea a training program which entitles: Energy Planning and Development. Also, he participated in most of renewable energy and energy efficiency workshops and conferences which were organized in Jordan. Dr. Al-Salaymeh is a member in the Education Committee of the Jordan Green Building Council. Currently, Dr. Al-Salaymeh is working hard to establish a Master program in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Jordanian Universites. He published many scientific work in the field of feasibility and economic investigations of utilizing renewable energy sources in Jordan. Also, he supervised many B.Sc, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students who conducted their research in the field of renewable energy.