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Mustafa M.Shennak,Saeed M.Al-Azab,Khalil J.Musa,Mazen M.Jadaan,Nayif J Hamarneh,Husam R.Musmar,Makram F.I.Nshaiwat,Maysaa K.Saket,Suleiman I.Qubain,Qays K.Halawah.
Jordanian Ministry of Health and World Health Organization(WHO)1989First
Chapter1:Shingeki Nakagome and Hiroki Oota.Page1.
Chapter2:David Diaz-Jimenez,Katia Kamillo,Rodrigo Quera and
              Marcela A.Hormoso.Page21.
Chapter3:Jose Miguel Sahuquillo Arce and Agustin Iranzo    
Chapter4:Sophia Jagroop and Ramona Rajapakse.Page63.
Chapter5:Joseph D.Feuerstein and Sharmeel K.Wasan.Page77.
Chapter6:Jens K.Habermann,Gert Auer,Thomas Ried and Uwe
Chapter7:Adam Humphries,Noor Jawad,Ana Iginjatovic,James
              East Simon Leedham.Page127.
Chapter8:Jean-Marie Reimund,Marion Tavermier,Stephanie    
              Viennot,Inaya Abdallah Hajj Hussein,Benoit Dupont,
               Anne-Marie Justum,Abdo R.Jurjus,Jean-Noel Freund
               and Mathilda Lechevrel.Page149.
Chapter9:Yousef Ajlouni and Mustafa M.Shennak.Page167.
Chapter10:Cuong D.Tran,Rosa Katsikeros and Suzanne
INTECH,,OPEN ACCESS.Free Online Edition.Hard copy is available also.January 2012First edition,Edited by Mustafa M.Shennak