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An introduction to Computing and Information Technology. Topics covered include the basic Structure of digital computer systems, microcomputers, operating systems. Application software, database technology, data communication and networks, and the Internet. Hands-on learning using Windows, MS-office 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and the Internet.  Weekly practice in the lab.
This introductory course is designed to lay down a solid foundation in the area of information technology. The course develops critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Moreover, it aims to teach students how to use common software for organizing, searching and computing with emphasis on "real world" business-related tasks. Students will have the opportunity to practice and implement applications in the lab.
This course has four modules:
Problem solving including problem analysis, algorithms, flowcharts and pseudo codes.
Spreadsheets (MS Excel) including functions, charts, filtering, sorting, macros, scenarios and pivot tables.
Databases (MS Access) including tables, queries, forms and reports, import and export files, small practical projects.
Introduction to web applications to enable students to design and develop web pages.