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Pathology for Pharma Students


This course of Pathology is intended for pharmacology students. It includes both Basic and Systemic pathology. Students are expected to understand major concepts and terms in pathology related to cellular pathology. The etiology, morphologic features and pathogenesis are described regularly in systemic pathology. The course includes common diseases that pharmacologists would encounted in daily life practice. Link for drug induced folate deficiency

Academic Year



Cell Injury.mp3    
Course Syllabus - Pathology for pharma.pdf    
diabetes melitus.pptx    
Difference Between Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema.mp4    
Drugs used in asthma treatment.pdf    
Drugs used in Diabetes.pdf    
Endocrine Pathology.pptx    
GIT Pathology.pptx    
Heart Diseases.pptx    
vascular pathology.pptx    
نشاط تعلمي.pdf    
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