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This course will provide students with an opportunity to acquire necessary scientific research skills such as data collection, organizing, discussing and defending it.. Moreover, the course provides students with sufficient material regarding the preparation of research for scientific publication in the authoritative scientific academic journals.
The course studies the setup of the Parliamentary institutions (the Uni-Cameral & Bi-Cameral), the system of the parliamentary committees, the relations between the political leadership and the administrative leadership within the parliamentary institution, and the development of the technical and administrative capabilities of the staff in the parliament.
This course offers an in-depth examination of American politics and government. The first half of the course deals with the origins, evolution and maturation of the American federal republic, focusing on the development of the United States Constitution, the two-party system, and mass politics. The goal is to acquaint students with the structures, functions, processes, and traditions of local, state, and national government, and with the complexities of American political culture. The second half of the course explores the theory and practice of democracy in the contemporary United States, placing American politics and government in comparative perspective.
Graduate Course