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Al-Azhari, W., Najjar, S.
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Construction in Developing Countries (ICCIDC–III), “Advancing Civil, Architectural and Construction Engineering & Management”
Bangkok, Thailand4-6 July, 2012Participant
Abu Ghanimeh, A., Zgoul, M., Abu-Ghazalah, S., Al-Azhari, W.
Proceedings of the 4th FAE International Symposium, Architecture, Civil Eng, Computer Science & Eng, Electrical & Electronic EngEuropean, International Symposium, "Creating the Future", Gemikonağı, TRNC
European University of Lefeke, North Cyprus30 November/ 1 December, 2006Participant
Goussous, J., Al-Azhari, W.
The International Congress, Domes in the World
Florence, Italy19-23 March, 2012Participant
Sakhrieh, A., Al-Azhari, W., Touqan, N., Zakarneh, A., Al-Zamer, A.
4th Jordanian IIR International Conference on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (JIIRCRAC)
Amman, Jordan10-12 September, 2012Participant