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Yacoub M. Irshaid, and Akram Abu-Saleh
Dima Shahin Ali ShahinPharmacologyMaster2012No
Yacoub Irshaid, Akram Abu saleh
Alaa Mokhemer YehyaPharmacologyMaster2012No
Yacoub M. Irshaid, and Khader Mustafa
Mais Majed Urabi SalehPharmacologyMaster2012No
Yacoub Irshaid, and Khader Mustafa
Sima Ayed Saeed samaraPharmacologyMaster2012No
Yacoub Irshaid, and Said Ismail
Asma Mohammad ElawyPharmacologyMaster2010Accepted, 2012Archives of Medical ResearchYes
Yacoub Irshaid, and Khader Mustafa
Muna Kamal Abdul-Latif OqalPharmacologyMaster2010PublishedGenetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers, 16(9):10071010, 2012Yes
Yacoub Irshaid, and Nada Yasein
Essam Ayed Hammed Al-DdrabahPharmacologyMaster2010published ahead of printMed Science doi:10.5455/MedScience2012.01.8047Yes
Yacoub Irshaid, and Maha Shomaf
Lubna Abdul Razzaq Al-SharifPharmacologyMaster2010No
Abdulazim Salhab, and Yacoub Irshaid
Jaber Mohammad Yousef JaberPharmacologyMaster2009No
Yacoub Irshaid, and Muneer Gharaibeh
Suad Mahmoud AqelPharmacologyMaster2009PublishedDrug Metabolism Letters, 5(2):92-98, 2011.Yes
Yacoub Irshaid, and Said Ismail
Yazun Bashir JarrarPharmacologyMaster2009PublishedInternational Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 48 (10):688-694,2010.Yes
Yacoub Irshaid
Ibraheem Deeb Tawfeeq Al-DeebPharmacologyMaster2009publishedDrug Metabolism Letters. 4:173-179, 2010.Yes
Yacoub Irshaid, and Abdulazim Salhab
Abdulrahman Mahmoud Abdulqader GhaziPharmacologyMaster2009publishedNicotine and Tobacco Research. Published online March 31,2011 (doi: 10.1093/ntr/ntr054.Yes