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foot orthotics, ankle-foot orthosis: biomechanics, prescription of use.
3hrs: throry and practice.
third year students
KAFO, Hkafo, and Special used orthosis for special cases, such as (RGO, HGO): biomechanics, and prescription guidness.
3hrs: theory and prctice
third year students
biomechanics and prescription of use of hand, elbow, and shoulder orthoses. (special cases consideration)
2hrs: theory and practice
third year students
upper and lower limb joints functional anatomy! in addition to head/trunk/and pelvis movment.
second year students
the student shall be taught the basic skills and learning how to use the machinery at the work shop
first year students
studying and applying prescription and treatment plan for patients in need of orthotics and mobility aids
4hrs: clinical/practical
fourth year students