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The purpose of this course is to aquatint the students with the major behavioral concepts that lay the foundation of the study of consumers and why they buy. By analyzing and integrating topics such as perception, learning, personality, reference groups, social classes and other behavioral theories the marketing manager will be able to develop and implement an effective marketing plan that will be more suitable to reach its target market. The study of Consume Behavior also includes the discussion of the various internal and external elements that affects the consumer as an individual or as a member of a group and to assist the Marketing Manager in understanding the motives behind the consumers decision.
Furthermore, applying these theories to the Jordanian market is also and objective for it will help students understand the changing role of marketing as a response to the changing economic cultural and social behavior in Jordan.
This course aims to aquatint the students with the nature and duties of the new product management concerning its role in the firms’ marketing efforts, the identification of a product, and the characteristics of new products and the steps of planning for a new product including : goals , strategies, & marketing programs.
This course also aims at enriching the students with theoretical and practical knowledge about developing & inventing new products (since its a general idea until it hits the markets). It also enriches students in how to set marketing plans and programs for new products. Furthermore this course elaborates deeply on the concept of new product adoption and the factors that affect this concept. In addition, it provides students with the knowledge about managing product life cycle, and assigning certain marketing program for each stage
The purposes of this course is to aquatint the students with essential concept of Marketing of Tourism and also with importance of Marketing Tourism and its developments, and enrich students with knowledge concerning applications of Marketing of Tourism and marketing strategy, and get aquatint with decisions and polices concerning Marketing in Tourism especially in Jordan.
The aim of this course is to defining the practical aspects of the advertising process and to developing the design skills and the innovative thinking and providing students with the professional standards in design advertising, providing and teaching students the technicalities of commercial advertising , learning students how analyze the advertising message content and how it influence consumers and acquiring the research and other advertising copy tests, Finally, the course will focus on the exploration of the advertising environment in Jordan and evaluating its situations
This course aims to let students get acquainted with the importance of the distributing activity as a part of the marketing mix. And analyzing the environmental factors that may affect the behavior of marketing institutions.
This course also aims to acquaint the students with the different types of marketing institutions and how it differs in its role and marketing activities as a wholesale institution or retail one’s. This course concentrates on managerial sides of planning for the distribution system in a firm and the application of the concept of controlling the marketing performance of a particular firm. It also concentrates on kinds of ways of leadership inside marketing channels, and how to deal with conflicts, if there are any .
This course also aims to update the student on subjects that deal in managing marketing channels, marketing mix. Customer services, logistic management, international distribution channels, and services marketing.