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Isothermal and Non-isothermal Crystallization of Polypropylene/Polyether Block Amide Composites2010-2011
Thermal and Mechanical Properties of PP/SBS Nanocomposites2011
Rheological Properties of Polystyrene Filled with a Modified SiO2 Nanoparticles2011
Modelling of the Mechanical Properties of SBS Thermoplastic Elastomer2011
Thermal and Mechanical Proprties of PP/PET Nanocomposits2010-2011
Isothermal and Nonisothermal Growth Rates of Spherulitic and Nodular iPP Structure2011
Enhancement of iPP Impact Properties Using Polyether Block Amide2011-2012
Development and Chemical Modification of Asphalt Containing Recycled Polymer2011-2012
Crystallization Kinetics of PT/PC Blends in the Presence of Nanofillers and a Catalyst2011-2013
Direct Combustion of Ellajjun Oil Shale: Influence of Shale Particle Size on Sulfur Dioxide Emission2004 -
Crystal Growth and Impingement in Polymer Melts2005-
Best Operating Process Conditions of Potassium Sulfate Production Using Jordanian Potassium Chloride2011