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The module aims to give students an in-depth understanding at an advanced level of the complexities of managing supply chains. Emphasis is placed on critically evaluating the principal processes, which add vale, primarily in manufacturing, but also in service sectors. This course will address the nature and scope of supply chain management, the concept of purchasing and supply, the organization of the purchasing function, inter-organizational relations such as partnerships, e-supply chains and logistics
Third Year
The intent of this course is to further provide management and analytical concepts/tools for the management of operations and the decision-making process within the scope of the supply chain.
Fourth Year
This course focuses on how to deal with the organization in a comprehensive manner to develop its strategies. It includes the recognition and analysis of the external and internal environments. It also includes a comprehensive case analysis to train the student on strategic analysis and strategic decision making
Fourth Year
The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the modalities for quantitative analysis in the administration and his theories in modern take Resolution and programming possibilities.
Fourth Year
This course focuses on presenting and discussing the various principles and concepts of Human Resources Management. It stresses the policies, programs and methods that have been developed and implemented successfully in the field. This course includes the discussion of the various functional activities of Human Resource Management such as planning, recruitment, selection, job analysis, performance appraisal, training and development, compensation, career planning and promotion, safety and health, and labor relations
Fourth Year
This course is based on the concepts and ideas TQM made ​​in the course "management philosophies Quality "and focuses on quality systems and increasingly global attention with growing competition and increasing International business as it seeks organizations and increasingly to improve its position in the global market to achieve A high level of achievement and leadership and world-class quality in terms thinks this course Systems International quality and in particular a series of quality ISO 9000-2000 and ISO 14000 and how Use of these systems in business organizations.