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This course trains students to translate texts from Spanish into Arabic. It highlights general linguistics and cultural difficulties of translation and shows students how to overcome them. It includes translation of practical texts (e.g. documents, certificates, directions of use, etc.) as well as translation of short literary texts and newspaper articles.
First Year
In combination with Spanish for Beginners (2) and (3), this course introduces students to the basics of Spanish language and Spanish culture. The aim of the course is to develop communication skills in everyday life and simple situations. The course proposes a full competence in communication strategies and not only a linear assimilation of grammatical knowledge.
First Year
This Course targets students with no prior knowledge of the Spanish language and aims at gradually introducing and developing all main four skills : reading, writing, speaking and listening through situations and contexts of the daily life .
First Year
This course introduces students deeper into the grammatical structures of the Spanish language communication strategies in more advanced situations and contexts and cultural. More relevant grammatical matters will be studied at length
First Year
This course concentrates on the description of the basics of Spanish morphology and syntax, from a theoretical and practical point of view. Students will be systematically trained in various morphological (word structure and its elements) and syntactical (elements of the sentence and its functions and interrelations) processes.
Second Year