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Introduction to Control Systems, Stability of Linear Control Systems, Time Domain Analysis of Control Systems, Root Locus Analysis, Compensator Design Using Root locus Method, Frequency Domain Analysis, Bode Plot Diagram, Compensator Design using Bode Plot Method, PID Controller tuning, MATLAB Control Toolbox.
Third year
Review of determinants and matrices. Algorithms to solve linear and non-linear equations. Solution of simultaneous linear equations using various methods:Gaussian elimination, Gauss-Jordan and LU decomposition method. Iteration methods for linear systems: Jacobi and Gauss-Siedel method. Interpolation andapproximation. Curve fitting. Numerical differentiation and integration.Numerical solution of differential equations. Eigenvalue problems. Numericalerror analysis. Applied examples from various areas of engineering. Discussion.
Third year
Introduction to Systems Dynamics, Laplace Transform. Block Diagram and Signal Flow, Time Domain Analysis, Modeling of Electrical Systems, Modeling of Mechanical Systems, Analogous Systems, Modeling of Fluid and thermal systems MATLAB.
Third year
Introduction to state Space Model, Mathematical Modeling in state Space, Decomposition of transfer function, Controllability and Observability of state Space, Pole Placement Technique, Design Control Law and Observer Introduction to Optimal Control Systems.
Fourth year