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Dr. Hana Zakaria
Nuha DwaikAnimal Science2015NoNo
Dr Hana Zakaria
Dr. Mouhammad Jalal
Safwan al SarahneAnimal Sciences3rd year in master degree2012/2013NoNo
Dr. Hana Zakaria
Shadi HatahetPoultry Nutrition3rd year, applying the research2012yesProceeding of XIV European Poultry Conference in Stavanger, Norway, 2014Yes
Dr. Hana Zakaria
Taha Miuhammad TahaAnimal Sciences2nd year in master degree2011/2012yesJournal of Applied Animal Nutrition/Cambridge University PressYes
Dr. Hana Zakaria
Loui Ghassan JaberPoultry management and nutritionMSC/ last year2010-2011yesProceedings of the 19th European Symposium on poultry Nutrition, Postdam/Germany, 2013Yes
Afrah HammadAnimal production/poultry nutrition3rd year/applying the thesis2010not yetNo
dr. Hana Zakaria
Murad AttaPoultry Nutrition2013noNo