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Lamis D Rajad, Zaid H Baqain
Fourth Annual Conference of Learning International Networks Consortium Technology-Enabled Education: A Catalyst for Positive Change
JordanOctober 28-30, 2007Lecturer
Facial Esthetic Workshop, organised by the JSOMFS
JordanOctober 24, 2009Participant
Zaid H Baqain
Scientific Committee of the Jordanian Dental Association
JordanNovember 2007Lecturer
Peter Ward-Booth
Facial Deformity Surgery- Jordanian International Orthognathic Workshop
November 14 -15, 2008Participant
Lamis D Raja, Zaid H Baqain
JordanNovember 11, 2007Lecturer
At the Isra University
Zaid H Baqain
Principles of Implant Dentistry for complex cases course
JordanNov 13, 2009Lecturer
Zaid H Baqain
Jordanian Dental Association conference in Madaba
JordanMay 29, 2009Lecturer
Zaid H Baqain
6th Annual Pan Arab OMFS
SyriaMay 2006Lecturer
Sana Ghannam, Ziad Melkawi, Zaid H Baqain
21st Jordanian Dental Association Conference
JordanMarch 18-21 2008Lecturer
Paediatric Maxillofacial Surgery, European ACMF Symposium
EnglandMarch 14-15, 2008Participant
Zaid H Baqain, Zaid Tamimi, Nazzal Bsoul, Ghazi Al Edwan, Jamal K Almasad, Abdalla A. Abbadi    
Faculty of Dentistry Second Conference
JordanJune 4, 2009Lecturer
Zaid H Baqain
Jordanian Dental Association Meeting
JordanJune 2011Lecturer
Zaid Baqain
Hazem Al-Ahmed
The University of Jordan JordanJune 2010Lecturer
Baqain ZH
22nd Jordnian Dental Conference
Baqain ZH
3rd Faculty of Dentistry/The University of Jordan Dental Conference
Zaid H Baqain
British Association of Oral Surgeons Annual Conference
Paediatric Head and Neck tumours Workshop
Baqain ZH
British Association of Oral Surgeons
Zaid H Baqain
Mohamed Rababah
M Maghaireh
The University of Jordan2009Lecturer
Zaid H Baqain
Second Syrian Dental Association Congress entitled Dentistry in the 21st  Century
George Khoury
Advanced Surgical implant Course, Germany