Al-mawali, H., Al-Shammari, H.
The 24th annual American Society for Competitiveness (ASC) conference.
USA7-9th November. 2013.Participant
Al-Shbiel, S., & Al-Mawali, H.
The International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education. University of Sharjah.
UAE3-5, May. 2015 Participant
Al-Mawali, H.
The 2nd International Conference Business Dilemma: Green, Ethical, and Performance Requirements.
Jordan27-29th May, 2014. Participant
14. Al-Mawali, H.,Zainuddin, Y., & NoorNasir,
The 2nd International Conference on Business Management and Information Sciences.
Thailand19th -20th January. 2012.Participant
Al-Mawali, H.,NoorNasir, K. &, Zainuddin, Y.
The 9th Asian Academy of Management International Conference 2011.
Malaysia14th –16th October, 2011.Participant
Al-Mawali, H.,Zainuddin, Y., and NoorNasir, K.
International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Marketing.
 France June 28th -30th, 2010.Participant