Title Pesticide analyzer and agricultural engineer
Location Ministry of Agriculture, Baqaa, NCARTT
Start Time 1/2/2004 10:00 AM
End Time 1/1/2006 11:00 AM
Worked on a project with Ministry of Agriculture and the National Center for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer (Jordan) (NCARTT) in laboratories of pesticide and residue analysis called “Safety Use of Pesticide and Residue Analysis”. In this project, I worked with a hard-working team in planting open field and green house for different vegetables (cucumber, tomato, squash, pepper, strawberry, eggplant, cabbage, lettuce, and other vegetables). Some of job duties were: • Checked the plots for any possible diseases and pests and applied the necessary pesticides to control those diseases and pests. • Supervised the application of the pesticides studied in that project in the right amount and method. • Received and prepared samples for pesticide residue analysis, • Analyzed pesticides residue using different chemicals. • Calculated the residue amounts in the samples, worked on Gas Chromatograph. High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, and Mass spectrophotometer for finding the active ingredient concentration for different pesticides received at the Ministry of Agriculture • Prepared pesticides stocks for different pesticides used in the study.
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