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This module presents the economic rational of Islamic values and Islamic laws by analyzing the general principles of economic activities. General titles like the permissibility of trade and the virtues investment the prohibition of usury, hoarding of the wealth, cheating, concealing, bribery, and monopoly will be discussed.
This course identifies the introduction in the definition of jurisprudence and origins and the relationship between them, in addition to the characteristics of Islamic law with a comparison between Islamic and positive laws.
This course discusses sales transactions in Islamic Jurisprudence terms, besides conducting Wakala and magistrate with all their banking applications. It studies docummentation contracts, mortgage, warranty, transaction.
This course aims to examine reality of Islamic insurance and difference between it and the commercial insurance contract and a statement of the opinion from Legitimate commercial insuranse with a focus on the types of Islamic insurance.
This course deald with definitions of companies in Islaminc Jurisprudence, such as Mudarabah, unlimited financial dealings, agricultural companies like sharecropping, agricultural land investment.
This course discusses Islamic banks Appraoches such as: reasons for their establishment, their charecretistics, their objectives and the islamic banks bases, beside sources and utilization of the the Islamic banks in addition to types of deposites.
This course deals with difinitions methodes of research, it's importance, areas of applications , the most impotant approaches to research Islamic banks are those relating to goals of the descriptive, inductive and analytical or practical curriculum side .