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The First Nursing Conference of Jordan University Hospital entitled “Recent Advances in Nursing Care”
Jordan University Hospital, Amman-Jordan2014, October 28Participant
Integrating the Role of Clinical Nursing Specialist Into Health Care System
The Faculty of Nursing - University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan2014, May 21Participant
Nursing Education: Current and Future Plans
Jordanian Nursing Council, Amman2013, October 10Participant
Towards the Essence of Nursing Care
Faculty of Nursing- The University of Jordan. Amman2013, June 4Participant
Enhancing  the Quality of Nursing Care
Faculty of Nursing- The University of Jordan. Amman2012, June 5Participant
Competing Globally in Higher Education: Training on QA & Accreditation
Higher Education Accreditation Commission. Amman2011, June 19-20Participant
National Forum for Quality Nurses
Jordan Nurses and Midwives Council. Amman2011, July 7Participant
International Nursing Forum
University of Jordan- Faculty of Nursing. Amman2011, April 19-20Participant
Scientific Inquiry in Nursing Throughout the Generations
University of Jordan- Faculty of Nursing, Amman- Jordan2010, May 13Participant
The Third International Nursing Conference (JNC)
Jordanian Nursing Council, Amman Jordan2010, April 27-8Others