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Ecology (University 100)              Undergraduate Courses                                  
1-6 years level      
Plant Taxonomy (451)                 Undergraduate Courses    
4th year level
Palynology (454)                         Undergraduate Courses 
4th year level
 Paleontology                              Undergraduate Courses                                                        
  4th year level
Plant Anatomy (353)                     Undergraduate Courses                              
3rd year level
Vascular Plants (252)                    Undergraduate Courses                                       
 2nd year level
Nonvascular Plants (251)               Undergraduate Courses                            
2nd year level
General Botany (Plant Biology)        Undergraduate Courses                 
 2-3rd year level
General Ecology (301)                   Undergraduate Courses                       
3rd year level
General Biology                            Undergraduate Courses   
(101,102,103 & 104 ) 
1st year level
Mycology (352)                            Undergraduate Courses                    
 3rd year level
Special Topics (381)                      Undergraduate Courses                      
3rd year level
Seminar (491)                              Undergraduate Courses                           
4th year level
Research (499)                            Undergraduate Courses                           
 4th year level
Phytochemistry (Pharmacy)           Undergraduate Courses                     
5th year level
Research Methods                         Undergraduate Courses                      
4th year level
Flora of Jordan (707)                   Postgraduate Courses
Advanced Taxonomy (753)             Postgraduate Courses
Advanced Palynology (754)           Postgraduate Courses         
Selected Topics in Botany (782)      Postgraduate Courses
Seminar (791)                              Postgraduate Courses
Research Methods  (794)              Postgraduate Courses
Research Project  (799)                 Postgraduate Courses
Plant Ecology (705)                      Postgraduate Courses
Planning and Management of 
Ecological Projects (724)                  Postgraduate Courses
Desert environment                      Postgraduate Courses
Desert Resources                          Postgraduate Courses
Plant Biodiversity                           Postgraduate Courses
Biodiversity                                   Postgraduate Courses
Ecosystems                                 Postgraduate Courses