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Murad, M. J. and Jaber, B. M.
The 9th Arab Conference for Antimicrobial Agents
Beirut, LebanonNovember 15-17,2012Participant
Abstract accepted
Jaber, B. M. and Smith, C. L. 
  The Endocrine Society 83rd annual meeting
Denver, Colorado, USAJune 19-23, 2001Participant
Jaber, B. M., Markley, L. C. and Smith, C. L.
  The Endocrine Society 85th annual meeting
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAJune 19 - 22, 2003Participant
Gordon, F. E., Jaber, B. M. and Smith, C. L. 
The Second International Conference, Ubiquitin-like proteins and Cancer
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TXFebruary 5–7, 2004Participant
Jaber, B. and Smith, L. H.
American Society for Cell Biology
Washington, DC, USADecember 13-17, 1997Participant
Jaber B and Smith LH
American Society for Cell Biology
San Francisco, California, USADecember 12-16, 1998Participant
Force, W. R. and Jaber, B.
American College of Clinical Pharmacy
 Phoenix, ArizonaApril 6–9, 1997Participant
Abu-baker, N., Masoud, H. and Jaber, B. M.
Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences-11
The Dead Sea, Jordan6-10 October 2010Participant
Jaber, B. M., Dutertre, M. and Smith, C. L.    
The Keystone meeting: Sister Steroids
Keystone, Colorado 28 February 2004 - 04 March 2004Participant