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Increase students understanding of gene structure/function and the different mechanisms that control gene expression in different biological systems.  Additionally, the course will discuss different cell signaling mechanisms that contribute to chromatin remodeling, transcriptional regulation and posttranslational modifications.  Finally, the course will expose the students to the most recent molecular methods that are currently being applied in gene regulation investigations.
Third Year
To increase students understanding of pathogenic fungi by learning the following;
1)  The important features of the organisms including morphology and structure
2)  The strategies used by the organisms to establish and maintain infection and pathogenicity
3)  The host defenses that protect against infection
4)  The epidemiology associated with infections
5)  The different therapeutic strategies and diagnostic methods used
Second Year
Focuses on biological molecules and the structural organization of animal and plant cells. Inaddition to cellular respiration and photosunthesis concepts. finally, the course discusses DNA replication and gene expression
First Year
Introduce students to basic biological experimentation and increase their knowledge about biodiveristy 
First Year
This course introduces students to the world of mycology and to enhance their understanding about important characteristics of  Fungi including morphology, structure, physiology and metabolism.
Second Year