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Units,definitions,and simple circuts.circuit analysis techniques.inductance and capacitance . source-free RL and RC circuits. the sinusoidal steady state response
Second year
Average power and rms values.polyphase circuits.three phse Y and dalta connections. complex frequency . Principles of basic filtering.basic passive and active filters
Second year
Signal and system model and classification.continuous time signal.signals and vectors.generalized fourier series representation.amplitude and phase spectra of signal.spectral analysis of DFT systems. introduction to the Z-transform . computer project
Second year
introduction to probability and random varibles.discrete random variable.continuos random varible.the prodadility density function.the probability distribution function.statistic of random varible.random process,input output relations of linear system
third year
introduction to DSP,discrete time signal and system.Z-transform.modeling and implementation forms of DT system.time and frequency domin analysis of digital processors.the DFT and FFT algorithms . DSP algorithms and application
fifth year
open loop and closed loop control system.example of feedback control system,review of complex varible and laplace transform.poles and element transfer function and block diagram.
fourth year